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Workplace counselling is aimed at reducing the stress levels of employees in the workplace.

Staff go through a high level of stress to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.  Some people find it easy to juggle between home and work or between family and profession, while some will struggle to find a balance. This can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, which can also bring down self-confidence or the ability to multi-task.   Stress and Anxiety are both issues that affect an employee’s work performance through lowered productivity levels, increased absenteeism and tense relationships with coworkers.

One effective solution to this and to protect staffs mental wellbeing in the workplace is through counselling. As a counsellor I can help individuals to implement solutions to the issues or concerns in their lives or develop more effective ways of coping and managing them.

The benefits of workplace counselling for employees include:

  • Easy access to a fully qualified counsellor

  • Employees can get an appointment in a short amount of time

  • A safe space to talk about problems

  • Develops effective solutions to problems

  • Helps to look at issues with a more positive outlook and different perspective

  • Helps employees to better understand themselves

  • Establishes or improves coping skills


There are also many benefits for employers:

  • Decreases employee absenteeism

  • Lowers employee turnover rates 

  • Improves employee performance

  • Positive way to handle sensitive situations 

  • Establishes a reputation as an employer that cares about their employees and their mental wellbeing

Workplace counselling has clear benefits for both employees and employers. Research has proven that there’s a strong link between an employee’s psychological well-being and their productivity at work.


Workplace counselling can be tailored to fit the needs of your business so if you would like to discuss incorporating this for your employees or ask any questions, please call or email me for further information.


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