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As a counsellor I can help with all sorts of issues which are making it hard to function as well as you usually do.

It's just as important to look after your thoughts and feelings as it is to look after your physical aches and pains.


People decide to seek counselling for a variety of reasons including feelings of depression and anxiety, career or relationship issues, bereavement,  bullying, school problems and many other reasons including just feeling as though things are getting on top of you.

As a counsellor for adults and children, I'm impartial and trained to listen to your concerns without judgement which means that you can talk freely about whatever is on your mind. Counselling often helps you to make better sense of situations whilst increasing self-esteem, self-awareness, understanding and improving both personal and professional relationships.


It is a talking therapy, which means that its usually  a one-to-one meeting where we can jointly explore your issues and look for solutions and ways to manage these which will suit you.


Whether you are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, career or relationship issues, bereavement, bullying, school problems or just feeling overwhelmed and that you cant cope or any other reason, I can help.  I can help you or your child.  I can help you to:

  • Feel more comfortable asking for your needs to be met

  • Be able to say no to unwanted requests

  • Feel less anxious in social situations

  • Sleep better

  • Stop self-harming

  • not be haunted by guilt and shame

  • drop coping mechanisms that no longer help you

  • take control back of your own life

  • feel happier and able to manage life again

  • empowered

  • feel more confident

  • and much more...

Whatever is stopping you from being who or where you want to be...I can help.

Call or message me to find out how counselling can help you.


For frequent questions and answers visit my Q&A page 

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