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Counselling Service Near You

If you are unable to or would prefer you can receive counselling sessions via Zoom. To enable you to decide if it’s the right approach for you, some of the advantages of this method are below:

  • Flexibility – If your work pattern is unpredictable or you travel a lot then you can still commit to regular counselling sessions​

  • Anonymity – When you are talking about things that are uncomfortable or difficult, you may feel more relaxed and in control meeting me online rather than face-to-face

  • You can be located anywhere in the UK or in many places outside of the UK to have a counselling session 

  • Counselling takes place in the comfort of your own safe space

  • Process and outcomes are the same as face to face


You will need to make sure you can be online at the agreed time and in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted or overheard.

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