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Self-awareness changes everything

Developing self-awareness allows you to begin to make sense of things, bringing a clarity and understanding, putting you in a starting place to consider change.

You will begin to live more in the moment

If you have anxiety or depression, you might spend a good deal of time either worrying about the future or regretting the past. Counselling can help you live more mindfully in the present

You will become braver and less anxious

The world may have become a fearful and antagonising place. You might have good reasons or experiences that validate this world view. Counselling can support you in healing from these experiences, so they have less impact.

You will understand why you do things which don’t make sense

Maybe you overeat or self-harm or drink too much. Perhaps you wonder why you can’t just stop. Counselling provides a safe place to explore your fears about change.

You will begin to value yourself

Counselling can help you to recognise the value in showing yourself true consideration and empathy.

You will begin to make sense of the past

And know how it has influenced the person you are today.

There can be value gained in understanding the past and how it has influenced your journey.

Your relationships can become more meaningful

In counselling you may come to appreciate the relationships which are important to you. You might also decide to take a step back from relationships that are toxic or hindering your wellbeing.

You will notice your thoughts and begin to manage them

You can recognise how your thoughts have the potential to shape your mood and life. Once you begin to notice your thoughts you are suddenly more in control of your thinking and the affects they have.

Loving yourself and others

As you start to allow acceptance of yourself. An inner contentment can be found when you feel that you can be the true you.

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